19 August 2018



what is amcat?

Welcome Students,

Are you a fresher looking for a job which make your future bright and secure , a job that defines you and can fulfill you needs. Then you might have heard about AMCAT , through this post we will discuss about AMCAT ONLINE TEST and how will it make your job search to meet your requirements.


AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is a test to evaluate the reasoning Skills, Technical Skills and Aptitude Skills of a candidate who is seeking Job in top MNC’s.

Amcat is also known as employability assessment test. The Skills of the candidates will be measured in a Statistical Approach if they attend the test. AMCAT is conducted in order to assess the aptitude, reasoning and technical skills of students and freshers .

 AMCAT is an assessment platform to provide the scores based on their skills for the students who takes up the test. Aspiring Minds conducts AMCAT Test for engineering freshers who apply for IT jobs. The objective of AMCAT test is to grade the students based on their performance.

How AMCAT will help me in getting my dream job?

The AMCAT exam is very helpful to the Companies as well the Candidates. AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is useful for the candidates who apply for the jobs as well as the companies to select their employees. The scores which the candidates get in the AMCAT are used for selecting them for the interview and then Final placements by the Companies. 

It also reduces the time for short listing of the candidates for the companies. It is very helpful to the candidates to feature their skills through the scores they get in the AMCAT. The feedback which is given by the AMCAT will help the candidates to recognize theirs strengths as well as weaknesses. This makes them to change their weakness into strengths. Thus, it is very useful to the candidates as well as the Companies.

What makes AMCAT Online Test special?

The AMCAT is a computer adaptive test which assess the job applicants on important areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and domain skills that are job specific , thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate.

While most aptitude tests only consider test taker's verbal comprehension and reasoning abilities, the AMCAT additionally evaluates personality traits and domain skills, thus becoming an ideal test to match jobs to candidates.

After appearing for the test, AMCAT also helps matching the suitable candidates with appropriate jobs based on their test performance .

AMCAT's comprehensive feedback report helps you identify your strong and weak areas so that you can work to improve in highlighted areas or apply for specific industries/jobs where your strengths are better suited.

The AMCAT is fast emerging as an industry benchmark with 700+ companies using it as a compulsory testing mechanism for entry level roles. AMCAT works with numerous small and medium enterprises, to help the candidates identify opportunities in companies .Apart from industry, leading platforms for job search such as LinkedIn and recognise the AMCAT test score.

Some key numbers about the AMCAT:
  • Since inception, more than 2 million students have successfully taken the AMCAT.
  • Every month, more than 1.5 lakh interview calls go out based on a student's AMCAT score.

What is the Eligiblity for appearing AMCAT ONLINE TEST?

Graduates from any discipline have the opportunity to prove their potential to the MNC, and top companies by scoring good marks in the test. AMCAT has become the major source for many companies to filter the Job applicants to find an appropriate candidate for a specific job role.

1. The students who have completed their MBA or the students who are in the final year of MBA are eligible to write AMCAT.

2. The Students who have completed Engineering in any Branch or the students who are in the final year of Engineering can write AMCAT.

3. The Students who have completed their Graduation or the students who are in the final year of their Graduation can write AMCAT.

What is AMCAT Exam fee?

Opting for the AMCAT test? Then you may have this frequently asked question as well. The AMCAT Test costs Rs 990 plus taxes (including a year’s subscription). The cost will cover a scheduled attempt plus all the privileges that come with the subscription package.

These privileges include:

AMCAT Certificates (recognised by 2000+ companies) and can be published on your LinkedIn profile
Personalised Job recommendations
Comprehensive feedback (assessment of strengths, weaknesses)
Validity of your AMCAT score + Access to all hot and premium Jobs

If you opt for an additional 1-year subscription, you gain a two-year access to the privileges that come with the AMCAT test. This translates to a Rs 900 extra. A 2-year subscription (1 base year plus two years) will give you a three-year access.

I hope you might have got a clear view of this ONLINE ASSESMENT in the next article we will check latest syllabus for AMCAT and will also share AMCAT Study Material.

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